Going Green: Polyester Carpeting

There are several fibers to choose from when thinking about carpet. Nylon has always been the durable and affordable fiber for carpeting, but it’s time to give polyester a second look. Why? Carpet companies have been making great strides in improving polyester’s performance over the years. Both increased durability and sustainability (ability to be made into other products after its original use) make polyester a good choice for the conscious consumer. Consider:

PET polyester is made from 100% recyclable products. 100% of what? Recycled plastic drinking bottles! Polyester carpeting can even be recycled into other products after use too- now that’s a contribution to being green. Another benefit of polyester fibers is its great colorfastness and stain resistance. The reason being is that the coloring is added to fibers when they are still in liquid form. Think of it like cutting into a carrot rather than a radish-the color fills up the fiber molecules. One more plus: polyester is very fade resistance. Consider carpeting made of PET polyester for a sunroom, or in an area that is susceptible to stains.

The ultimate improvement to polyester is also a green one. Mohawk makes a specific polyester called Sorona. This name indicates that the fibers were produced w/ a special ingredient made from corn oil. Not only does this ingredient offer increased durability and better stain protection than regular polyester, consider these green contributions:

  • made from 40% renewable resources.
  • saves 1 gallon of gasoline for every 7 square yards of carpet made
  • saves 30% more energy than nylon in the production process.

Now that’s something you can feel good about sinking your toes into! CaMLaS offers both PET polyester carpet and polyester carpet made using Sorona to you. Schedule a visit for your polyester preview!

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