Going Green

Looking for ways to “go green” on your next building or remodeling job? Try bamboo flooring! Bamboo is a fast growing renewable grass that can be harvested over and over and is harder than oak.

Teregren is a US-based company that oversees the whole manufacturing process of their bamboo from start to finish, ensuring an environmentally conscious production. By maintaining 11 quality control stations in their production facilities, using formaldehyde levels in their adhesives that are well below US and European standards, and using water based, solvent free finishes, Teregren actively demonstrates their commitment to producing high quality floors with the environment forefront in mind.

Stop by our showroom today to view Teregren’s display of flat and vertical grained bamboos in a variety of colors and widths!

For more information on Teregren, visit: www.teragren.com.

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