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Going Green: Polyester Carpeting

There are several fibers to choose from when thinking about carpet. Nylon has always been the durable and affordable fiber for carpeting, but it’s time to give polyester a second look. Why? Carpet companies have been making great strides in improving polyester’s performance over the years. Both increased durability and … Continue reading →

Going Green: Lighting Options

Looking for bright ideas to save money and be energy efficient at the same time? It’s easy to be “green” when it comes to lighting. Try making the switch from incandescent bulbs to compact fluorescent (CFL). CFLs use more energy for actual light output than incandescent, which wastes 95% of … Continue reading →

Going Green

Looking for ways to “go green” on your next building or remodeling job? Try bamboo flooring! Bamboo is a fast growing renewable grass that can be harvested over and over and is harder than oak. Teregren is a US-based company that oversees the whole manufacturing process of their bamboo from … Continue reading →